Security – an important issue

Security – an important issue

At Port of Piteå, security is a big priority. The port is an important part of the transport and logistics system in northern Sweden. There are different levels of security at different port facilities, where Port of Piteå as of today is required to obtain security level 1, including conducting security plans, security investigations as well as measures to prevent unauthorized access.

Clas Johansson is responsible for shipping at Port of Piteå and has been a driving force in building up the safety system. He is constantly working with security activities, follow-ups and building knowledge amongst those involved.

– Port of Piteå is subject to Swedish law and the international ISPS code. A code that applies to ships, ports and places where port services are provided. The port facility including the entire area of operations, is surrounded by a 2.5-metre-high barbed wire industrial fence.

– The daily security work includes camera surveillance and patrolling the area, among other things.

– The port is also subject to maritime security (in swedish: sjöfartsskydd). The term refers to measures that has been decided are needed to protect shipping from external threats.

– Of course, safety is not just about external threats. Everyone who works in or visits the port, should be able to do so under safe conditions.

– We work closely with the operator ShoreLink to ensure the security of ships and our port facilities.

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