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We have launched our work boat

We have launched our work boat

Recently, we launched our workboat – OPTIMUS. It’s a Finnish-built, all-aluminum catamaran, AluCat 35W, designed to meet the needs of the harbor.
– Our workboat plays a crucial role in the harbor’s operations, especially in maintaining the fairways and the maritime safety equipment (SSA) we are responsible for, says Clas Johansson, Maritime and Safety Manager.

When winter finally released its grip and the ice cleared, it was time to launch our workboat OPTIMUS. The launch was carried out by our operations department, with the crane lift performed by ShoreLink.

Regular inspections
OPTIMUS is equipped with two outboard motors. The boat also has full technical equipment for navigation and a hydraulic crane, ideal for working with buoys and markers in the fairway, known as SSA. Regular inspections of the fairway are crucial for safe and efficient maritime traffic.
– With OPTIMUS, we can quickly conduct inspections, reducing the risk of errors and increasing safety for everyone using the fairway, says Clas, adding:
– With its folding bow ramp, OPTIMUS is also excellent for transporting external equipment, such as small excavators. Thanks to its shallow draft, the workboat can reach most islands in the archipelago.

Versatile boat
It’s important to have a workboat that operates efficiently in daily activities.
– The Alucat W35 is a stable, durable, seaworthy, and versatile workboat that greatly contributes to our work during ice-free periods, says Clas.

Facts about the Alucat W35
Dimensions: 12.86 meters long, 3.5 meters wide.
Weight: 5.5 tons.
Load capacity: 4.2 tonnes.
Free deck area: 35 square meters.