About Port of Piteå

About Port of Piteå

  • Piteå Hamn AB manages and develops Port of Piteå. The operator, ShoreLink, is responsible for all goods management inside the logistics area, excluding the energy port which is operated by the port company itself.
  • Port of Piteå has a strong connection to regional enterprise. Approximately 65% of the goods flow consists of forestry products. In recent years, the port has become more differentiated. Of the 25 largest companies in Norrbotten county, 8 are clients of Port of Piteå, companies such as LKAB, Sveaskog, SmurfitKappa, SCA, but also Stenvalls trä, SunPine and Lindbäcks Bygg.
  • Line traffic to England, the Netherlands and Germany based around transport of SmurfitKappa’s kraftliner.
  • Container line traffic to Bremerhaven och Hamburg.
  • Vehicle terminal for distribution of new vehicles to the counties of Norrbotten and Västerbotten.
    Project cargo such as wind power parts, machinery and facility parts for the mining industry.
  • Bunkering of state icebreaker ships.
  • If plans for the Norrbottnia railroad are realised this would have a major positive impact on port development. With regard to this, future railroad construction through Piteå and the placement of a new railway yard are integral to the port’s opportunities for cost effective cooperation with other operations in the region.

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Are you a supplier? All invoices must go to the company Piteå Hamn AB.
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