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Congratulations to our new skippers!

Congratulations to our new skippers!

Två män står i bildens förgrund. De har på sig varselväst och hjälm. I bakgrunden syns havet.

Robin Nyström and Fredrik Lagesen-Aronson.

We are pleased to announce that two of our employees, Robin Nyström and Fredrik Lagesen-Aronsson, have recently completed an intensive course and successfully passed their skipper exams.

There are now three skippers in the operations department: Pär Nyström has been a skipper for several years, and now Robin Nyström and Fredrik Lagesen-Aronsson have also earned the title.

They began their training in Luleå in November of last year.
– We had the opportunity to take the course to help relieve and assist with work in the fairway, including the GPS-synchronized buoys, explains Fredrik.
– When working in a port, it seems natural to take such a course if given the chance, adds Robin.

Focus on safety
The training spanned two intensive weeks and included theoretical sessions with a focus on safety.
– Safety is clearly the biggest part. You obviously need to be able to handle a boat and understand the responsibility you have for both the vessel and the crew, says Robin.
– You need to be able to navigate under different weather conditions, such as daylight, rainstorms, and fog.

What did you take away from the training?
– In the beginning, I felt like, ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ I had a premonition that it would be quite difficult, but realizing just how difficult it was made me feel like I wouldn’t be able to manage it. After a few days, it felt better, and I got the sense that it was going well, says Fredrik.
– I gained a greater understanding of how everything is interconnected in maritime traffic and why the rules and laws at sea are necessary, says Robin.

Both express a newfound respect for the crew working at sea.

The exam included questions about navigation, radar, safety, day signals, lanterns, and, of course, laws and regulations.
– I was both happy and surprised. It was a huge accomplishment, and I had to pat myself on the back and feel that ‘I did it,’ says Fredrik.
Robin agrees. He felt a great relief when he realized he had passed the exam.

We are proud of Robin and Fredrik and their development. As newly qualified skippers, they will continue to contribute to Port of Piteå by bringing their new experiences into their roles.