Environmental efforts

Environmental efforts

The corporation’s terms of the operations permit as well as the environmental policy stipulate that the company must work to minimise resource usage, emissions and to prevent pollution. The company regularly audits operations with regard to applicable terms of environmental permits as well as the environmental goals established by the company. The company collects a port fee differentiated according to the environmental impact of different kinds of shipping transport.

Other examples of concrete actions taken to minimise the environmental impact of the operations area:

  • Land power supply (6 kilovolt electricity) is available quayside , mainly to minimise the emissions of line ships whilst they are docked.
  • Electric mobile port cranes.
  • LED lighting installations.

Environmental permits

Port of Piteå is authorized for and currently conducting operations that require authorization, meaning that operations must regularly be controlled, audited and reported. Follow-up, control and auditing of operations are summarized in an annual environmental report, provided to the authorizing authorities.