Increased train traffic strengthens the port in Piteå

Increased train traffic strengthens the port in Piteå

A new agreement with the train and freight company Green Cargo means greater flexibility and more business. Port of Piteå and the operator ShoreLink work together to meet the customers’ needs.

Port of Piteå strengthens its position as a logistics hub for intermodal transport solutions with the new agreement with Green Cargo.
By bringing together our intermodal terminals, there will be better capacity in our network for increased volumes by rail. This makes the port of Piteå a strategic part of getting more volume from and to Norrland. Part of this is to streamline the relationship from the port of Piteå and for further train transport to the south. It has attracted a majority of customers, says Jan Elgström, sales manager for intermodal transport at Green Cargo.

The collaboration with Green Cargo entails increased logistics work and more train deliveries in the port.
The agreement with Green Cargo shows that the railway is a competitive alternative for intermodal transport solutions, says Lars Wikström, infrastructure manager.

Five times a week, Green Cargo comes into the port with a 300 meter train. For the operator ShoreLink, this means expanded logistics and terminal work in the form of loading, unloading and storage of goods.
We have developed existing storage areas and our routines to handle the goods efficiently, says Alexander Andersson, responsible logistician at ShoreLink

The railway in the harbor underwent a standard increase in 2015 and has good load-bearing capacity as well as an electrified railway terminal with circular tracks.