Berths, jettys and quays

Berths, jettys and quays

Two quays with the total lenght of app. 720 m

Port of Piteå has two quays, Oil jetty and and the main quay, built to handle ships up to 250 m in length and width up to 35 m.

At the Oil jetty liquid cargo is handled and all the other cargo at the main quay. The Oil jetty, app. 60 m long, has one berth (Berth 1) The main quay has four berths (Berth 2 to 5) with a totally lenght of app. 660 m.

A Ro-Ro ramp is suited close to the center of the main quay, wich allow the ship to touch from both side depending on which side (starboard or aport) of the ship is desiderate to make land. The Ro-Ro ramp is heated during winter, with the purpose to make it 100% available even under snowy conditions. Every berth has 50 tons bollards and barred freshwater connections onshore. Read more.

At Berth 3 and 4 electric on shore power supply (OPS) is installed, 6 kV/50Hz, were the ships can connect into the socket.